Future exhibition
Mother Courage and Her Children
24 Sep – 12 Feb 2023

An exhibition of performances, films and soundworks

Humans are creatures of habit who tend to be attracted to what they know. When we encounter something that we perceive as new and perhaps incomprehensible, it takes courage and curiosity to address what we do not understand. Irrationality as an act of resistance runs like a red thread throughout the exhibition Mother Courage and Her Children. Courage is not only essential for engaging the body in physical resistance but also for dealing with the unknown, daring to trust one’s intuition and creating something new.

jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla

grossiga m’pfa habla horem

égiga goramen

higo bloiko russula huju

hollaka hollala

anlogo bung

blago bung blago bung

bosso fataka

ü üü ü

schampa wulla wussa ólobo

hej tatta gôrem

eschige zunbada

wulubu ssubudu uluwu ssubudu

tumba ba–umf



Hugo Ball, Karawane, 1916

About the exhibition

The exhibition title is borrowed from the eponymous play by the German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht. Brecht wrote the play as an anti-war drama during his exile in Sweden in 1939. The protagonist, Mother Courage, pulls her cart with merchandise from battlefield to battlefield during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) peddling overpriced provisions to soldiers. The play describes how war creates dilemmas that are difficult to navigate and brings out the dark side in people. Mother Courage sacrifices morals as well as love, and even her children, in her quest for money. 

How could Mother Courage have resisted? In a time characterised by fear and rearmament, Accelerator wants to make room for the poetic and highlight the subversive power of the irrational. The exhibition Mother Courage and Her Children presents immaterial works that, in various ways, depict courage or acts of resistance. Performances, films and soundworks that address feelings of fear and frustration and leave space for agency, hope and community. 

Mother Courage and Her Children is presented in parallel with Tori Wrånes’ exhibition BIG WATER. Wråne’s practice is distinguished by a desire to move beyond cultural norms, codes and categories. Tori Wråne’s bizarre and surreal depictions contain a strong element of humour, desire and energy, which underlines the explosive force of moving in the irrational.

The exhibition is curated by Richard Julin and Therese Kellner.

The works in the exhibition Mother Courage and Her Children will be shown or performed on different occasions.

Exhibition team Accelerator

Richard Julin, Artistic Director
Therese Kellner, Curator