Radioart: Red doc>

3 Feb – 5 Feb 2023,

A scenic soundplay based on Red doc> by the Canadian writer Anne Carson, in translation by Mara Lee, with new music by Ivo Nilsson, Niklas Billström and directed by Johan Petri. 

Red doc> is a lyrical road trip that meanders north through a frozen landscape of meadows, glaciers, volcanic terrain and a psychiatric clinic. Time passes, bodies and thoughts change, all that remains is sadness and a longing for love. The book is a sequel to Autobiography of Red, which introduced Anne Carson to Swedish readers. It tells the story of the young boy Geryon and his unfortunate passion for the beautiful and treacherous Heracles. In Red doc> the two meet again, years later – now as G and Sad. When the end comes, they are at G’s mother’s deathbed. ´He turns away. This roaring air in his arms.

Anne Carson about her novel: 
Red doc> is a novel about a red-winged monster, named G. In addition to being a red-winged monster, he is quite nice and has various adventures. He supports himself as a herdsman of muskoxen on the meadows somewhere outside New York, I think. It’s a bit muddled. I am not exactly sure where. He has a friend called Sad But Great, known as just Sad, a veteran of some war.

Six actors, five musicians and electro acoustic music create a soundwork where myth, war victims and heartache are woven together. Premiere at Accelerator on February 3 2023, presented as part of the Accelerator exhibition Mother Courage and Her Children

The performance is produced by Radioart, a theatre for sound art and radio drama. The play is presented live at Accelerator and will be streamed on Radioart’s digital platform. 

Event schedule:
Friday 3 February at 19:00
Saturday 4 February at 16:00
Sunday 5 February at 16:00

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes. No entrance after the start time of the performance.

Break time (approximately):
Friday 3 February 20:00–20:20
Saturday 4 February 17:00–17:20
Sunday 5 February 17:00–17:20


Full price 250 kr
Student price 150 kr

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Portrait of Anne Carson. Photo: Einar Falur Ingolfsson.

About Johan Petri

Johan Petri (b. 1959) is a theatre director, dramaturge and playwright. Petri has developed productions for the Stockholm City Theatre, Unga Klara, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Swedish Radio Drama and worked with independent groups in Sweden and internationally.  

About Ivo Nilsson

Ivo Nilsson (b. 1966) is a composer and chamber musician educated at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm. He has worked as a soloist in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and is a former artistic director of Stockholm New Music Festival. In 2017, Ivo Nilsson became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. 

About Anne Carson

Anne Carson (b. 1950, Toronto, Canada) is an author, poet, translator, critic and professor of classical languages, literature and culture as well as comparative literature. Carson has published more than 20 books and translations. Red Doc> was published in 2013 and translated into Swedish in 2015.


Translation: Mara Lee.
Music: Ivo Nilsson and Niklas Billström.
Dramatisation and direction: Johan Petri.
Dramaturgy: Magnus Florin.
Costume design: Filippa Hanzon.
Sound design: Niklas Billström.
Sound technician: Jesper Målsten.
Assistant director: Milton Jordansson Pinto.
Production assistant: Suzi Ersahin.


Narrator/Mother: Monica Stenbeck.
Narrator/CMO:Malin Alm.
G:Eli Frankel.
Sad But Great:Tobias Aspelin.
Ida: Malou Zilliacus.
4NO/Stesichoros:Emil Brulin.
M’Hek: Richard Sseruwagi.

Theorbe/ Guitar: Peter Söderberg.
Bass clarinett: Boa Pettersson.
Harp: Laura Stephenson.
Contrabass: Walter McTigert.  
Trombone/ Kapellmeister: Ivo Nilsson.