About Accelerator

Accelerator is an exhibition space where art, science and societal issues meet. It is part of Stockholm University. The mission of Accelerator is to engage actively with society, producing exhibitions presenting international and Swedish contemporary art.

Accelerator organises a public programme of presentations and talks with artists, researchers, students and the general public. Accelerator’s programme is driven by an ambition to contribute towards a transparent and empathetic society by opening up opportunities for art to spark discussions and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Watch the documentary about Accelerator – a film about the birth of the project, the ideas and the people behind it. Recorded during 2016-2019. Produced by Lisa Munthe & Caroline Falkman at Stockholm University.

Staff and organisational structure

Artistic Director: Richard Julin
Administrative Director: Mårten Snickare
Curator: Therese Kellner
Communications Manager: Erica Moon-Nam Lindberg
Financial Manager: Koshik Zaman
Exhibition Technician: Karl-Erik Berglund
Visitor Services Coordinators: Johanna Mork and Karl-Oskar Gustafsson

To contact a member of staff, write the email address according to this: firstname.lastname@su.se (replace å, ä and ö with a, a and o).

For general inquiries about visits and exhibitions, contact accelerator@su.se.


Annika Ullman, Professor of Education

Hans Hayden, Professor of Art History
Jonas Ebbesson, Professor of Environmental Law
Ylva Engström, Professor of Molecular Biology
David Neuman, Museum director emeritus, PhD h.c.
Robert Weil, Chairman and Founder, Proventus AB
Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Professor of Fine Art and artist
Leonora Haag, Student at the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Accelerator is a separate establishment at Stockholm University within the Faculty of Humanities. Accelerator is ultimately under the supervision of the President of Stockholm University.


Collaborative partnerships constitute an important influx of ideas for Accelerator’s programme and activities. In establishing long-term collaborations we aim to provide a mutual exchange between the partners.

Accelerator’s exhibition programme is supported by Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art and The Robert Weil Family Foundation.

We actively engage in developing new and existing partnerships to enable more encounters between art and research. For more information please contact Mårten Snickare, Administrative Director:  marten.snickare [at] arthistory.su.se.

Accelerator Founding Patrons

The history of Accelerator

The idea to build an exhibition space at Stockholm University emerged from a long-standing and successful collaboration between the University and Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art on the MA programme in Curating Art. Accelerator was initiated by Margaretha Thomson, professor emeritus of art history, and David Neuman, former museum director and current chair of Magasin III. In 2015, the vice-chancellor of Stockholm University, Astrid Söderbergh Widding, officially founded Accelerator and the activities were launched. Richard Julin was appointed artistic director in 2016 and began developing the artistic programme, which was initially exhibited at various sites on the Frescati campus. Completed in autumn 2019, the new exhibition space was inaugurated in September the same year.

The site of the exhibition space was previously an underground laboratory for research in accelerator physics. Designed by architect Gustaf Holmdahl (1879-1958), the original building was erected in 1936. Named after Nobel laureate Manne Siegbahn, professor of experimental physics at Stockholm University, the laboratory housed a cyclotron. Commissioned by Akademiska Hus and redesigned by 2BK Architects, the premises were renovated and extended in 2016-2019, a new building housing Accelerator’s entrance and restaurant was added.

Read more about the Manne Siegbahn buildings.

More about the Accelerator

Watch the documentary about Accelerator – a film about the birth of the project, the ideas and the people behind it.

Recorded during 2016-2019. Produced by Lisa Munthe & Caroline Falkman at Stockholm University.

Images from the refurbishment


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