Art+Research: A day through forest calling – a never-ending contaminated collaboration or Dancing is a form of forest knowledge

27 Feb 2021,

A visit to the public art work which Arnell and Elzén’s participation in the Experimental field is based. This specific forest is located on Fogelstad’s land in Julita in Katrineholm Municipality.

The 3.7-hectare forest – in the form of a triangle – is leased by the artists for 50 years as a first step in order to take it out of agricultural production. Travelling by bus from Accelerator participants will journey together to the forest. During the trip to and in the forest, various conversations and intra-actions with and in the forest are presented. The artists have invited guests, including researchers from Stockholm University, to listen when the forest calls.

More information about the event and how to book a place will be coming soon.