Future exhibition
Jonathan Baldock
16 Oct – 19 Dec

Accelerator presents British artist Jonathan Baldock’s first solo exhibition in Sweden. Baldock is presented in parallel with the Swedish artist Adèle Essle Zeiss in an Autumn exhibition programme focused on transformation and how we relate to the human body and our personal space. Two exhibitions characterised by sensuousness, presence and a cautiously positive hopefulness.

Jonathan Baldock Studio Image, May 2021. Copyright Jonathan Baldock. Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery.

About the exhibition

Jonathan Baldock’s work explores how trauma, sensuality, vulnerability and spirituality affect the manner in which we relate to the human body and the space it inhabits. Baldock has a strong interest in performativity, myth, folklore and traditional rituals. In Accelerator’s subterranean space, he will produce a peaceful parallel world with newly created sculptures, whose dimensions and designs are based on an idea of human cocoons or embracing nests in which to rest. Developed during a cataclysmic year, the works are characterised by an interest in transformation and metamorphosis. Baldock’s art is often biographically grounded and his work for the exhibition at Accelerator has been coloured by his relationship to the concepts of home and personal space.

About Jonathan Baldock

Jonathan Baldock (b. 1980, Kent, England) lives and works in London and works across multiple platforms including sculpture, installation and performance. Baldock has contributed to an ongoing group show at the London House of Modernity (UK) and has an upcoming solo exhibition at La Casa Encendida (ES). Previous solo exhibitions include Kunsthall Stavanger (NO), Camden Arts Centre, Southwark Park Galleries, as well as exhibitions at De La Warr Pavilion and the Towner Eastbourne Biennial (UK).


Jonathan Baldock, Artist

Exhibition team Accelerator
Therese Kellner, Curator
Richard Julin, Artistic Director
Erik Wijkström, Exhibition Technician

The artist wishes to thank:
Stephen Friedman Gallery, London