September Sessions: Artist Led Exhibition Tour

23 Sep 2023, 12:00

For September Sessions, Accelerator hosts an exhibition tour of Lisa Tan’s Dodge and/or Burn led by the artist.

As a part of the new contemporary art festival September Sessions you’re invited to an exhibition tour of Dodge and/or Burn led by the artist Lisa Tan on Saturday 23 September.

September Sessions – A Contemporary Art Festival in Stockholm is launching its first edition this autumn with a four-day programme spread over various art organizations in the city as well as public spaces in Stockholm. It hosts exhibitions, performances, concerts, film screenings, IASPIS Open Studios, readings, and social gatherings. September Sessions wants to celebrate the diversity of the Stockholm art scene and highlight local artistic productions in an international discourse.

Collaborating art organizations:
Accelerator, coyote, Filmform, IASPIS, Index, Konsthall C, Liljevalchs, MDT, Mint, Tensta konsthall

An initiative by Mint and Index including a performance and music program curated by Cathrin Mayer.

Saturday 23 September at 12 pm
Duration: 1 hr
Free, no ticket needed