‘Riverbank Leaps’: Writing, living and translating The Mendelssohn Map

22 Oct 2020, 10:00-11:30

Belgian born author Diane Meur believes strongly in the importance of translation for original writing, as well as in the interest of exchanging human thought in general. She considers that her work as a translator has shaped her as the author she is today. The word ‘translation’ has its origin in the Latin word for to carry or to bring across.

One of the most frequently used metaphors to describe the translation process is building bridges between cultures, from one river bank to another. So, in order to cross a river that separates cultures and languages, one should choose the river’s narrowest point, where the leap will be shortest. (This metaphor comes from the theory of ‘Transformational Grammar’, searching for a language beyond languages.)

The writing of the ‘Mendelssohn Map’, a research project in space and time, suggested many interesting questions that could be explored in the domains of philosophy, art, literature, politics, religion and science; and from the writer’s as well as the translator’s perspectives.

‘Riverbanks Leaps: writing, living and translating The Mendelssohn Map’, will feature a discussion on the art of writing and translation between Diane Meur and her Swedish translator Joachim Forsgren, moderated by professor Bengt Novén of the Department of Romance Studies and Classics at Stockholm University.

‘Accelerator’, and The Robert Weil Family Foundation, are pleased to invite you to this seminar on translating and writing.

Participants: Diane Meur, author and translator; Joachim Forsgren, translator and physician.
Moderator: Bengt Novén, professor, Department of Romance Studies and Classics; Chairman of the Board of ‘Accelerator’.

The seminar will be held in English. Due to the pandemic the number of participants is restricted. Please send your request ls@proventus.se

Diane Meur. Photo: Ekström & Garay