Curating Art: Interpretation

29 Oct 2021, 09:00

Accelerator has a collaboration with the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University. The students create events in connection to themes that Accelerator wishes to highlight in the exhibition programme. Some of the themes found in Adèle Essle Zeiss’ exhibition Tyngdspegel are our relationship to the human body and how we relate to personal space. Curator for Interpretation is Ingrid Svahn. By inviting dance students from the Ballet Academy to engage with the exhibition, she wanted to create an interdisciplinary meeting with the art experience in focus.



After a time of seclusion and avoidance of physical gatherings, our relationship to personal space and the human body in meetings with others, has become a renewed experience for many. By bringing dance students in contemporary dance together with Adèle Essle Zeiss’ art, a new meeting is created. The dance students leave the studio and meet the installations in the art gallery. For a set period of time the students will explore different approaches to interpretation, dance and movement, as well as private and public space. The meetings will result in an event taking place in public space, where the dance students perform an unannounced performance at Stockholm University campus. The performance will be documented and available through Accelerators’ website. 



Curator: Ingrid Svahn
Participants: Students in the Modern/Contemporary Dance programme 2021/22

Thanks to:
– Susanne Jaresand, professor of rhythm and movement, choreographer and head teacher for the 1-year Modern/Contemporary Dance programme at the Ballet Academy
– Andreas Erbrink, assistant professor at Stockholm University of the Arts, teacher at the Ballet Academy

Performance of Interpretation. Photo: Ingrid Svahn.