Curating Art: How to Draw a Voice

5 Oct 2022,

Accelerator has a collaboration with the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University. The students create events in connection to themes that Accelerator wishes to highlight in the exhibition programme. The curators for this event are Yul Cho and Victoria McCarthy. This evening focuses on Tori Wrånes’ concept of visual concerts, understood as events that challenge space, sound and bodily limits. These moments expand the traditional notion of performance and are transversal in Wrånes’ practice, as seen on her current solo exhibition, BIG WATER

How can we experience struggle through sound? How can we explore the depths and limits of the human body through voice? This visual concert, result of the artistic collaboration between performer Heidi Edström and sound artist Feronia Wennborg, will explore the human body as an instrument and its sound as something that conveys emotions and honesty. While listening to Edström’s live verbal manifestations of effort and movement, Wennborg will disrupt and reimagine them in a new composition. 

This durational visual concert will begin at 16:00 outside of Allhuset, in Stockholm University’s Frescati campus, and will have a duration of approximately 2,5 hours. Visitors are invited to stay and see the progression of the event throughout time. 

Wednesday 5th October 4–6.30 pm

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The event is free and no registration is required.


Curators: Yul Cho and Victoria McCarthy

Performer: Heidi Edström  

Sound Artist: Feronia Wennborg