Closing event: Basically

19 May, 12:00

Join us for the closing event of Nikima Jagudajev’s live project, Basically on Sunday, 19 May. Throughout its iteration at Accelerator, the work has moved through different intensity levels and shifted its focus – from textile to music to dance. As a visitor, there has been no way of knowing exactly in what form you would meet the work beforehand. On this final day, you’ll be able to experience the aspects that make up Basically all at once.

19 May
Opening hours: 12–16
Come and go as you please. Staying for a while is recommended!

Free entry

You can read more about the exhibition here

Basically is presented in collaboration with Dansens Hus.

Dancer smiling with hand above their head
Nikima Jagudajev. Photo Jean-Baptiste Béranger