Artist talk: Malin Arnell and Åsa Elzén

10 Feb, 16:00

Artists Arnell and Elzén present their work created specifically for The Experimental Field alongside previous collaborations.

This conversation is broadcasted live on Accelerator’s Facebook page , where it is possible to ask questions to the participants via the comments section. The event is recorded and available on Accelerator’s podcast and YouTube channel. The conversation is in Swedish, 60 min.

The work Skogen kallar – Extent # 2 is an extension of their work Skogen kallar – An infinitely contaminated collaboration or Dancing is a form of forest knowledge (2018-ongoing) is a long-term process-based public artwork. The work is based on a 3.7 hectare forest that Arnell and Elzén have leased for 50 years, as a first step in order to take it out of agricultural production. From outside and in this forest, the artists create various interventions and extensions that revolve around forestry, nature’s rights, the role of wood for knowledge, eco-social desires and sustainable relations between species.