Lunch conversation: Inside Tino Sehgals “This progress”

3 Dec 2019, 12:15

Researchers Katarina Winter and Johan Lindquist talk about their participation in Tino Sehgal’s “This progress”. They share their personal and professional reflections on what it meant to be an “interpreter” in the work exhibited at Accelerator from September to October in 2019. What questions did they come back to, what were their strategies and how did participating in the exhibition affect their research?

The conversation will be recorded and available on Accelerator’s podcast channel.

Katarina Winter, Phd in Sociology, Postdoc in the Department of Criminology, Stockholm University
Johan Lindquist, Professor of Social Anthropology in the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University

The conversation is moderated by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Project Leader for Accelerator’s researcher collaborations.

Katarina Winter’s process notes from the first weeks of introduction and participation as “interpreter” in Sehgal’s work “This progress”. Photo: Katarina Winter.

Tuesday December 3rd 12.15-1pm

Admission free.

The talk is in English and will be held in Accelerator’s foyer. The café will be open for lunch during the event.