Curating Event: RECONNECTION

15 Dec 2021, 15:30–20:00

For one day, the master students of theatre studies are invading Accelerator. We are turning the café into a space of contrasts and connection.

After an introspective time, we want to reconnect people and their universes. The communication between our inner worlds and the outside has been challenged.

We invite you to experience variation, dissimilarity.

In this interactive event, we want to explore how to move on from a time of isolation and anxiety. We will guide you into two rooms asking you to communicate and work with other spectators. The first room is a stressful space, the second a place of relaxation.

Together we explore: Do we need to experience pressure to feel relief? How do we create an environment of care? 

RECONNECTION, Accelerator Café, 15 Dec, 2021, 3.30 pm–8 pm. Free admission.

RECONNECTION. Image: Kamyar Poursartip.