Curating Art: imposters

10 Mar – 10 Apr,

Accelerator collaborates with the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University. The students create projects and events related to themes that Accelerator wishes to highlight in the exhibition programme. Clara Donadoni is the curator for this project.

Donadoni has invited artists Amalie Götz and Leo Porramet Jittaksa to respond to the exhibition voice under by Ester M. Bergsmark. In this project, the artists were inspired by Bergsmark’s homonymous collection of essays on queering the elements of the cinematic language (Voice Under, 2024), to offer a queering of the language film posters. Götz and Jittaksa have created a limited series of prints that subvert the format of movie posters as conventional accompaniments to moving images. The title of the artwork, imposters, refers to the playful attitude the artists were inspired to take on in creating posters that stray away from the normative clarity and immediacy of cinematic advertising. Established distribution routes or information requirements for promotional posters are forgone, and the artworks do not answer questions about the exhibition and film that they refer to. Instead, they invite to a reflection on Bergsmark’s poetics of the dump, or the landfill mounds which can be found in Stockholm’s peripheries, imposters too are placed at the outskirts of the city. Traditionally othered places become new vantage points that offer a fresh gaze, able to transform one’s own reality: there is no wrong place, no wrong perspective; just as there is no “wrong body”. Here, imposters take on a life of their own by serendipitously appearing to the public (and once the posters are found, they are free to take).

Text by Clara Donadoni

Participating artists

Amalie Götz (DK) is a mixed-media artist in her final year of  MFA at Konstfack who uses found and recognizable imagery and the acts of copying and translation, to explore the distribution and circulation of images within different systems of value. With site specificity as an important factor, she explores memory, how we relate to public and personal places, infrastructure and urban development.

Leo Porramet Jittaksa (TH) is a visual artist in her final year of  MFA at Konstfack who is influenced by the topics of gender, alternative stories, and politics. Her body of work is a combination of many storylines: systematic oppressions and the overlooked and invisible aspects of Thai history. Recently, Jittaksa has been exploring the sentimental notions of love, nation, and queer diaspora in the hopes of inching closer to the absolute meaning of “Home” and belonging.

The invited artists Amalie Götz and Leo Porramet Jittaksa response to the exhibition voice under by Ester M. Bergsmark.