Curating Art: A Guided Tour Through the Unconscious

6 Nov 2019, 18:00

Accelerator has a collaboration with the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University. The students create events in connection to themes that Accelerator wishes to highlight in the exhibition programme. Curators for Curating Art’s third event is Elias Kautsky and Silvia Thomackenstein. They will present an evening that focuses on the unconscious in connection to Cyprien Gaillard’s exhibition.

The starting point for this evening is the surrealist painting L‘Ange de Foyer by Max Ernst (1937), which depicts a creature described by the artist as “a kind of galumphing beast that tramples and destroys everything that crosses its path”. The painting reoccurs in Cyprien Gaillard’s eponymous light installation from 2019 which is presented at Accelerator this fall.

During the evening you will be guided through the unconscious, or rather towards the collision between the conscious and the unconscious, as André Breton characterized the surrealistic enterprise. The image of the collision is one of violence, something that resonates with the self-destructive power expressed in L’Ange de Foyer. In three different stations, appealing to several senses, we will approach the unconscious and the surreal. Split into groups you follow a tour, where you will encounter a Japanese silent film from 1926 set in an asylum, the writings of Louis Aragon read out loud, and a flickering lamp called The Dream Machine. The evening ends with an open conversation on art and the unconscious.

The event will be held in English.

Wednesday 6 Nov 6pm-8pm

The event is free, but capacity is limited. Register at before November 5th.


Curators: Elias Kautsky and Silvia Thomackenstein
Soundtrack: Quiltland
Reading: Julia Cechal
Thank you to Karolina Brobäck

Still from the silent movie “A Page of Madness” (1926) by Teinosuke Kinugasa.