Curating Art: Cleo Fariselli

12 Apr 2023,

Your Storm Our Dew, a new video by Cleo Fariselli (*1982, lives and works in Turin, Italy), will be premiered in Sweden on April 12. The screening at Accelerator will be followed by an online artist’s talk moderated by Ester d’Avossa, MA Curating Art student at Stockholm University.  

In Your Storm Our Dew, Fariselli explores the notion of “dilated emergency” – a feeling of perpetual insecurity, together with the imaginative power of objectual elements proper to states of emergency. The artist brings to life a world of its own: a dark universe, dimmed by smoke, hit by incessant flashing lights and sirens, and inhabited by strange and disturbing creatures who have made this inhospitable habitat their kingdom. 

Fariselli uses the cliché of the naturalistic documentary genre as a narrative device to draw the viewer into this world, which gradually reveals itself to be increasingly disturbing and ambiguous. The staging of the video is inspired by black theatre, a particular form of puppet theatre, based on the principle of an optical illusion where the human eye does not distinguish the actors from the background, both of which are black. Due to specific techniques and lighting, the objects appear to be suspended, giving the impression of moving by themselves and floating in space. 

Your Storm Our Dew is supported by the Italian Council (10th edition, 2021), a programme to promote Italian contemporary art worldwide by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Wednesday 12 April 18:30–20.

Admission free, no advance booking required.

Cleo Fariselli, Your Storm Our Dew, 2022, video 4K, color sound, 22 min (video stills).