Curating Art: Admits One

30 Jan, 17:00

Presented in collaboration with the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University, Admits One is a circus. It has three acts – the launch of a limited edition artist booklet, a reading by pierrette Charlotte Keegan, and a film screening of Heterotopias (2022) by artists Anna Heisterkamp and Isaac Tomkin Clarke. Conceptually, it offers a multiplicity of readings into othered spaces – things that exist where they “shouldn’t”; without regard and often as sites of pain. Here is a point of connection with Accelerator’s current exhibition Dodge and/or Burn by Lisa Tan. For Keegan, this is an exploration of a chronic pain condition called endometriosis, while Heisterkamp and Tomkin Clarke explore veins of Foucault’s concept of the same name. Thus, Admits One connects these secrets, sanitoriums and the spectacle; for their admittance and in turn concealment.

Please join this Curating Art event on 30 Jan 2024, from 17:00, in the amphitheater of Accelerator Café. The performance by Keegan begins at 17:30 followed by the screening of Heterotopias (2022). Admits One invites viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay between interior and exterior worlds, mirroring the unruly cells of endometriosis and diverse spaces of inhabitance. The booklets are free and wine is for sale at the Cafe.

Accelerator Café
Time: 17:00 – with a performance starting at 17:30
Date: Tuesday 30 January
Duration: 30 min
Free entry, no registration required

Curators: Charlotte Keegan and Nathalie Viruly
Artists: Anna Heisterkamp and Charlotte Keegan
Sound design: Isaac Tomkin Clarke
Mentor: Nina Øverli