Artist talk: Signe Johannessen

20 Jan 2021, 16:00

Artist Signe Johannessen brings together rituals and relations between animals and humans in her work that spans performance, research and sculpture.

This conversation is broadcasted live on Accelerator’s Facebook page , where it is possible to ask questions to the participants via the comments section. The event is recorded and available on Accelerator’s podcast and YouTube channel. The conversation is in English, 75 min.

This artist talk will focus on her agile collaborative and solo art practice, in which Johannessen makes artworks with the more-than-human world. 

In conversation with Therese Kellner and Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris.

Signe Johannessen “Posthumous Dialogue”, 2020. Installation view from the exhibition “The Experimental Field” at Accelerator 2021. Photo: Christian Saltas.