Artist talk: O in collaboration with The non existent Center

27 Jan 2021, 16:00

Artist group O in collaboration with the Non Existent Center have produced a new work that aims to raise ethical and moral questions around perceptions of knowledge, and the subversive power of that mentalisation.

This conversation is broadcasted live on Accelerator’s Facebook page , where it is possible to ask questions to the participants via the comments section. The event is recorded and available on Accelerator’s podcast and YouTube channel. The conversation is in Swedish, 75 min.

In their performance-based work the artists attempt to materialize a village council, ready to offer their time and advice. The talk will focus on the voice of the performers, and lift different aspects of their lived experiences that inform the work. With artists Linn Hilda Lamberg and Eric Sjögren.

O in collaboration with The non existent Center. “It Takes a Village”, 2020–21. Installation view from the exhibition “The Experimental Field” at Accelerator 2021. Photo: Christian Saltas.