Art + research: Walking and Art

19 Nov 2019, 11.00

Starting from Tino Sehgal’s constructed situation This Progress, the researchers of the Researcher Collaboration Group will be introduced to artists that have incorporated aspects of “walking” in their practise. In this first meeting, the researchers will be asked to think about the implications of walking alone, walking towards and walking together through reflection in both writing and drawing. In addition to the reflections they will be given performative instructions to not only reflect on these topics by ways of thinking, but also by ways of doing; incorporating constructed actions as a potential research methodology.

Barbara Wohlfarth,Professor of Quaternary Geology at the Department of Geological Sciences
Anneli Kruve, Associate Professor at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University
Katarina Winter, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Criminology, Stockholm University
Mattias Heldner, Professor in Phonetics and Director of the Phonetics Laboratory at the Department of Linguistics
Kevin Noone, Professor of Chemical Meteorology at the Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University
Jonas Nordell, Professor of Civil Law at the Department of Law, Stockholm University
Stefano Papazian, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University
Richard Julin, Artistic Director at Accelerator

This conversation is moderated by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Project Leader of Accelerator Researcher Collaborations, and Sara-Lot van Uum, Assistant of Accelerator Researcher Collaborations.

Tuesday 19 November at 11:00–12:30

Free admission, no booking required.

The talk will be held in Swedish in Accelerator’s foyer and will last approximately 90 mins. The café will be open during the event.