Art + research: Stretching Language – Writing and Responsibility

15 Apr, 18:00

A conversation on the power of written language and the role of the author as a socio-political actor. What is language’s role as a means of power over society and individuals? When literature challenges linguistic boundaries and activates words, does it also change the societal order?

More information and additional participants forthcoming shortly.

Frida Beckman, professor of Comparative Literature at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University. Beckman’s main field of research is American literature and culture from the Second World War to the present, as well as critical theory, narrative structures and gender theory.
Sara Abdollahi, literary critic and essayist, runs the literary podcasts Hysteria and God morgon, midnatt!
The conversation is moderated by Therese Kellner, curator at Accelerator.

Wednesday 15 April at 18:00–19:15

Free admission, no booking required.

The talk will be held in Swedish in Accelerator’s foyer and will last approximately 75 mins. The café will be open during the event.