Art + research: Stretching Language – Literature and Creation in a Bewildering Time

15 Apr 2020, 15:00

A conversation between literary scholar Frida Beckman, poet Ida Börjel and cultural writer Sara Abdollahi on how literature, writing and criticism relate to turbulent conditions. How is language affected by cataclysmic events? How do linguistic dislocations affect our perception of reality?

This conversation is an online event that will be live streamed on Accelerator’s Facebook page. The event lasts approximately 75 mins, it is recorded and will be available in Accelerator’s podcast and YouTube channel.

The conversation sets out from issues related to linguistic dislocations and the agency of words, which Johanna Gustafsson Fürst has addressed in her work on the exhibition Graft the Words, Whip My Tongue. Sara Abdollahi is the editor of the exhibition publication Stridsskrift, which will also be discussed. The book deals with the topics of the exhibition from the perspectives of five writers and poets. Ida Börjel will read from her text Dripsa Dickadejor, which she has written for Stridsskrift. Frida Beckman is professor of Comparative Literature and is currently working on her research project Paranoia and Post-Truth Politics: Negotiating Selves and Systems in U.S. Literature after 1950.

Frida Beckman, professor of Comparative Literature at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University. Beckman’s main field of research is American literature and culture from the Second World War to the present, as well as critical theory, narrative structures and gender theory.
Ida Börjel, poet and translator, whose collection of poems, Böcker, was recently published.
Sara Abdollahi, literary critic and essayist, runs the literary podcasts Hysteria and God morgon, midnatt!

The conversation is moderated by Therese Kellner, curator at Accelerator.

This event is online only.

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst “The Wave”, 2020. Installation view from the second part of the exhibition “Graft the Words, Whip My Tongue” at Accelerator 2020. Photo: Christian Saltas.