Art + research: On deep time

4 Dec 2019, 17:00

The concept of deep time is central to Cyprien Gaillard’s exhibition at Accelerator. Associate Professor Christina Fredengren at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, has conducted interdisciplinary research on subjects relating to the concept, combining methods of humanistic and natural sciences. In her practice she has investigated how encounters with deep time materialities may act and shape our engagement in issues concerning the climate, the environment, heritage and intergenerational care.

The conversation will be recorded and available on Accelerator’s podcast channel.

Welcome to a conversation where Christina Fredengren talks about deep time in relation to Cyprien Gaillard’s work, in which remnants from beyond the human era are brought together with current realities. In the second part of the conversation, moderator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris will interview Fredengren and the audience is invited to join in and ask questions.

The conversation is moderated by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Project Leader for Accelerator’s researcher collaborations.

Wednesday December 4th at 5–6 pm

Admission free.

The talk will be held in English in Accelerator’s foyer. The café will be open during the event.

Cyprien Gaillard “Ocean II Ocean”, 2019. Still from video.