Art + Research:  A Conversation about  Migration

5 Apr 2023,

For this spring’s Art + Research programme, Accelerator will invite artists, researchers and the public to reflect on the exhibitions Oedipus in Search of Colonus by Loukia Alavanou and The Kingdoms Elgaland–Vargaland present World Expo 2023 by Leif Elggren and Carl-Michael von Hausswolff. The common thread is territories and who governs them. We move within and between physical, geographical, legal, mental and spiritual border areas in existing and imaginary places, in the present and historically, in life and death – marked by rapid,  irreversible change that demonstrates how certain stories repeat themselves. Elgaland-Vargaland comprises both physical and mental borders, and in Loukia Alavanou’s VR work an ancient drama is given new life in a Greek shanty town populated by Romani, who historically have always been on the move. Core questions raised include: who must flee, who waits or stays behind and who gains freer mobility when the places where we live change?

Welcome to an evening with readings and conversations on how borders, boundaries and border crossings shape today’s world. The event takes place in Accelerator’s Seminar Room. The readings will be in Swedish and Romani Chib, the conversation will be held in Swedish. The event will be recorded and shared on Accelerator’s podcast. 

5 April 18:00–20:00 at Accelerator. 

Free entry. No pre-booking required.


Thomas Götselius is a professor of comparative literature at Stockholm University. His research focuses on refugee literature and how identity is formed by reading and writing. 

Bagir Kwiek is an editor, writer and an expert on Romani issues through his work with, among others, Holocaust documentation and as a reading ambassador and exhibition producer. 

Anna Lund is professor of sociology at Stockholm University. She researches how migration is represented in Swedish performing arts.

Vendela Grundell Gachoud is moderator and project leader of Art + Research.

The Kingdoms Elgaland–Vargaland present World Expo 2023, installation view 2023. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.