Research groups

“The artwork in Accelerator is a springboard for the researchers’ project groups to develop new activities around research questions.”
-Margaretha Rossholm Lagerlöf, Professor and Senior Advisor

The collaboration between interdisciplinary research groups from all four of Stockholm University’s faculties is at the heart of Accelerator’s program activity. Groups of researchers are invited to reflect over the exhibition processes, artists and art from the perspective of their disciplines and expertise.

A multidisciplinary laboratory

The meeting of art and science opens up new research questions, ideas and perspectives. The focus could be on differences and similarities in how different fields handle contemporary issues – the power over information or truth in general, for example – and even how art affects us. In turn the research inspires new art events, which can beget new meetings over new boundaries.

Accelerator’s public programmes come from the research groups and their activities are born from their encounters with the art.