Art+Research: Postum Dialogue

5 May, 18:00

Archeology and art meet in a tender feminist embrace with the new collaboration of artist Signe Johannessen and Stockholm University Associate Professor Christina Fredengren from the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies. 

This conversation is broadcasted live on Accelerator’s Facebook page , where it is possible to ask questions to the participants via the comments section. The event is recorded and available on Accelerator’s podcast and YouTube channel. The conversation is in Swedish, 75 min.

Part dialogue, part ritual, the pair will address the archeological case of SHM 24217 and traces of history that contain intellectual, physical, emotional and mystical meanings. The evening will embrace feministic potential in this queer finding and clasp posthuman connections between domesticized animals and humans. In Swedish.

Christina Fredengren
Associate Professor from the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, her research fields are within archaeology, heritage studies, curatorship, gender theory and the environmental humanities.

Signe Johannessen “Posthumous Dialogue” (detail), 2020. Installation view from the exhibition “The Experimental Field” at Accelerator 2021. Photo: Christian Saltas.