Curatorial statement Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017 – Lundahl & Seitl, and the vice-chancellors’ portraits

Starting spring 2018, Manne Siegbahn Laboratory is being rebuilt as an exhibition space. Autumn 2017 part of the space was made into a temporary exhibition spot, giving the public a chance not only to see the art, but also to see the former laboratory before it’s remade as Accelerator’s future physical locale at Stockholm University.

The origin of the theme for fall 2017 was the history of the laboratory. The idea of memory, our ability to store facts, stories and experiences in different ways, was woven through all of the artworks. Memory helps us shape and influence the future. We are constantly developing different ways of storing memories in order to access them, use them, learn from them, and change and develop ourselves.

Artistic duo Lundahl & Seitl was invited to adapt two of their artworks – “An Elegy to the Medium of Film” and “Unknown Cloud on Its Way to Stockholm University” – to our space. Both works engaged with different aspects of “memory”.

Stockholm University’s history as a radical alternative to traditional education also played an important role in “Autumn 2017”, as in the creation of Accelerator. Stockholm College (Stockholm University since 1960), was founded on openness and Accelerator highlights this tradition and carries it forward. As a part of the exhibition, a selection of portraits of Stockholm University’s Vice-Chancellors was shown.

Collaboration among cross-disciplinary research groups from all of Stockholm University’s four faculties lies at the heart of Accelerator. A group of researchers was invited to take part in “Autumn 2017” to reflect over their experience with the artworks from the perspectives, their disciplines and knowledge. During autumn 2017 Accelerator will organise lectures where the researchers share their thoughts about the process.

//Richard Julin, Artistic Director